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Junior Suite
$200 / night
Spacious and elegant, the Foreo Junior Suite is unique. The lounge corner with its bronze-clad fireplace offers the perfect space for a moment of relaxation.
Area: 430 sq ft
Bedrooms: 2
Guests: 8
Satin Suite
$250 / night
Our Satin Suites offer the best of the design with two bedrooms. Ideal for families or friends who want to enjoy a stay in a comfortable room, the Satin Suite is the promise of a relaxing and luxurious retreat.
Area: 560 sq ft
Bedrooms: 2
Guests: 6
Pearl Suite
$270 / night
Guests who love to enjoy views on mountains will gaze from the balcony which gives the perfect view on the Bernese Alps and the infamous Gstaad village.
Area: 830 sq ft
Bedrooms: 3
Guests: 5
Signature Suite
$306 / night
With a beautiful lounge area, featuring a superb fireplace and private balcony, the Signature Suite offers a spacious interior in which to enjoy precious moments.
Area: 845 sq ft
Bedrooms: 3
Guests: 4
Prestige Suite
$320 / night
Our magnificent Prestige Suite, with its unique signature and large lounge area, offers the atmosphere of a private chalet with all the comfort of the hotel’s services.
Area: 956 sq ft
Bedrooms: 4
Guests: 3